A wedding is surely a big day. Not only for the couple and the guests but for us too because a wedding is as important for us as it is for the couple. For the wedding of Ross & Janice, we provided our DJ services on their big day and all we got was tons of appreciation and happiness from everyone! Let us get you through the wedding day including our DJ services.
Our preparations began with a meeting with our client for having an idea about how they want the music for their big day. With their preferences and our trendy ideas, we ended up creating a beautiful and mesmerizing blend of music and tunes. With this, we were prepared for any music demand from the guests too. The big day started with the entrance of the guests in the beautifully decorated venue. Besides the family members giving warm welcome to the guests, their entrance became more welcoming and pleasurable with our soft music. After the guest’s entrance, our team was ready for the entrance of the groom and bride. We played different instrumental ballads and tunes from the dreamy entry of our couple and continued playing it till both of the bride and groom kissed each other as spouses. Everyone in the venue was mesmerized by the beautiful tunes we kept playing.
For the wedding meal, we maintained a pleasurable environment through our tunes. After that, it was time to party for everyone! The party began with the romantic dance of our couple on a lovely song decided by them which stunned everyone in the venue. After that, our team played the special blend of tunes for the father-daughter dance. Finally, the dance party began when our team played a combination of energizing beats to gather everyone on the dance floor. We managed a crowd of ninety people through our unique beats and music and maintained the level of energy and enthusiasm for more than thirty-five minutes. No one was ready to leave the dance floor till the end and all because of our DJ services! In the end, our team played soft romantic music for the fairytale exit of our couple.
Austin DJ Wedding has always worked for its clients and their dreams. Our team works with full dedication and focus on making the wedding day a memorable and adorable one for the couple and for the guests too. For the wedding of Ross & Janice, we were successful in giving our best to our clients and make their wedding day a memorable one. With our passion and quality of services, we not only satisfied them, gave them hundreds of memories but also maintained widespread smiles on every single face till the end of the ceremony.
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