Project Description

Our client contacted us for our videography services for their wedding day. Our team was fully equipped with all the new innovative equipment required for perfect videography. We start by covering the entrance of the guests in the venue to the grand entrance of the couple. The segments of cake cutting, wedding meal, and dance performances were also covered properly beautifully, and memorably. Our team filmed the excitement of every single guest at the dance party and how can we forget filming the candid moments of the wedding. With our dedication and love for the wedding, our client was tremendously satisfied and happy with the memories we gave them through our service.

On our client’s demand. We especially focused on:

  • Covering every segment of the wedding.
  • Filming all the beautiful and memorable moments for the couple and the guests of the wedding.
  • Capturing unique and candid shots through which our client can relive their big day by looking at it again.


The team of Austin DJ Wedding is so professional and passionate that they covered my big day so perfectly and stunningly that I adore every single second of the video of my wedding day. I am so thankful for them! recommended to every couple!