Project Description

We are proficient in lightening a wedding venue like a fairytale. Our client hired us for our lightening services on her big day. We began by asking about the dreamy lightning look wanted by our client and analyzing the venue to plan the decoration perfectly. On the big day, we placed different lights including disco lights, spotlights, rooftop lights, fairy lights, and many others in every single corner of the venue to give it a mesmerizing and lovely look for our client’s big day. Our dedication resulted in the extreme happiness of our client and the perfect memorable fairytale photoshoot not only for the couple but for the guests too.

Our client wanted us to:

  • Match the lightening with the theme of the wedding.
  • Management of lightening according to every segment of the wedding.
  • Turning our client’s dreamy wedding venue lightening into a reality through our dedication to the perfect photoshoot and videography.


I have heard a lot about the services of Austin DJ Wedding. Therefore, I decided to appoint them for the lightening on my big day. They are so professional and passionate that they not only turned my dreams into reality for my wedding lightening but also maintained the fairytale effect throughout the ceremony! I highly recommend their services to everyone!